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Vanguard UP-Rise 46


Product CodeUPRISE46

They've been called the dream camera bag by professional photographers for good reason. UP-Rise backpacks are ultra padded andhold an impressive amount of gear. Unlike other backpacks, UP-Rise's innovative ability to expand in size accommodates changing lens and gear needs. Every UP-Rise model expands with one easy zipper motion and shrinks back down when you don't need the room. UP-Rise also has a removable raincoat, multiple pockets for extra memory cards and lens as well as an orange interior, making it easy to spot your loose gear.

Capacity: One pro DSLR with attached lens (up to 70-200 mm f/2.8), up to 4 extra lenses, a flash unit and accessories (memory cards, cables, battery and charger) plus a laptop up to 14.1" inches in width and a tripod. 

  • Airline carry-on compatible
  • Holds a laptop with 14.1-inch screen
  • Tripod can easily be attached
  • Customizable interior