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The Camdapter SlingPro Strap

Product Code2T4RD42


SlingStrap Pro

Identical to the SlingStrap, the Pro version is  plus includes a matching ProStrap, and your choice of camera adapter.

Based on the design of modern rifle slings, the Camdapter SlingStrap is designed to carry your camera comfortably all day long. The Camdapter SlingStrap is a robust design, using military grade MASH clips, heavy-duty 1¼” Nylon webbing and nylon tri-glides. All metal parts are covered to protect your camera and the MASH clips make the Sling Strap easy to remove for tripod shooting. The simple leather shoulder pad is locked in place on the webbing so it returns to exactly where you want it after shooting.

SlingStrap is fully adjustable to fit any user even if they are wearing a coat, and the SlingStrap naturally positions your camera with the lens facing downward and ready for quick shooting.

The SlingStrap is superior to other competing products. It’s dual camera mounting points are more secure and keep your camera at your hip, and the shoulder pad locks in place and eliminates the annoying movement common in other designs. Camdapter products are made of top quality materials so it not only works great, but looks stylish and is built to last. The SlingStrap addresses all of the weaknesses of our competitor’s products and is the best photographic Sling type strap available today.

Adjusts from 47” to 59” Pad size = 2” x 12”