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80cm Quick Set-up Lantern Ball Softbox


Product Code80CCNOQZ60

Lantern Ball Softbox is a quick setup modifier designed to throw a large amount of soft light in every direction for creative room and portrait effects. The lantern style provides natural looking room light which is perfect for real estate and architectural photography, or use it as a fill for contextual location portraiture, when you need to light areas of the frame behind your subject. The generous 80cm size provides soft light, and can even be used as a key light for portraits and group photos. 

This lantern style softbox is quick and easy to set up, just push down on the centre column and it will bend into shape before locking into place near the base of the mount. The softbox includes a Bowens S-mount which fits any of our studio flashes, and packs down into an easy to carry nylon bag.

Quick Facts:
50cm Diameter for soft light
Easy to setup
Includes Bowens S-Mount
Includes Nylon Carry Bag

What's Included:
1 x 80cm Lantern Ball Softbox (Bowens S Type Mount)