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Samyang 650-1300mm MC IF f/8-16


Product CodeSAM924


Samyang 650-1300mm MC IF f/8-16 is a real megazoom. The range of focal lengths which it offers is incomparable to any other construction. Anyone, who looks for an extreme zooming should turns the attention to this model. The attractive price can be an encouragement to all.

The construction of the object lens is really scrupulous, made of high class materials. Each lens was made of optic glass on which anti-reflection coutings ensuring hight light transmission were put on. The enclosure was made of durable metal and coloured with black and white, which provides attractive looks. Important here is the T2 universal mount which allows mounting it to all reflex type cameras after using an appriopriate T2 adapter. In the set together with the object lens we can find a practical case to transport and maintain our camera and T2 adapter to the chosen system. What is more, one can buy dedicated coverter x2 thanks to which our camera will acquire the focal length of 1300-2600mm. Worth mentioning is the fact that while using object lenses with APS-C cameras the focal length should be additionaly multiplicated by 1.5x so it will be 975-1950mm and after the use of the converter 1950-3900mm using tings werit wil be 1500mm.



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