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Round Diffuser for speedlite


Product CodeROULMVJ015

Collapsible Macro Ring Speedlight Flash Diffuser Round Softbox 18" / 45cm Reflector for most kinds of Canon Nikon Sony Pentax  Speedlight
It's the ideal lighting modifier for your speedlite. The softbox front designed with diffuser, turns your speedlite into a ring flash to get perfect lighting and offers even and smooth light. It's huge surface this then ensures the even and smooth light completely surrounds the lens and produces virtually shadow free images. The Round Flash adds those much desired "catch-lights" into the eyes of your model's portraits and the inner diffuser assures the correct light distribution and eliminates any hotspots on the front panel. Perfectly eliminate the deep shadows and harsh light that you always see when shooting your speedlite bare bulb and easily take impeccable shots of both people and products either in a studio or location based environment.
Just use your shoe mount as a ring flash. No need for extra cable, bracket or power supply. Simply mount the RoundFlash on the camera. A particularly simple folding mechanism and an perfectly even and circular illumination.
Material: fabric and iron rods
Skeleton is made of magnetic iron
Maximum diameter is 45cm, inner diameter is 18cm
Fits most DSLR's w/standard & telephoto lenses & flash combos 
Package Includes:
1 x 18" Ring softbox
1 x Carrying Bag