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SUNBLITZ Electronic Flash Converter-BK400Pr


Product CodeSUNB19

The SUNBLITZ Electronic Flash Converter, BK400Pro is the world first slave bracket that work automatically with any digital camera system ir-regard whether you are on a single flash, multi-flash or red-eye reduction system! It allows users to use all your existing convention flashes with virtually any digital camera that has a built-in flash -even those with no flash shoe. It automatically synchronizes with the flash system of your camera and triggers your existing flash to flash in conjunction.

The SUNBLITZ Electronic Flash Converter, BK400 Pro with its ergonomically contoured grip with its built-in slave trigger that converts any flashes into a digital flash. The slave sensor enables it to synchronize with cameras using a wide variety of single, pre-flash and multi-flash redeye-reduction systems. Therefore no matter whether your camera is using 1,2,3,4 or 5 normal or pre-flash, it will still give you that perfect picture!
Function : Multi-Function Slave Bracket that convert all convention flash or thyistor flash into a single or pre-flash system automatically. With its foldable bracket for easy keeping.2 Mode – single, pre-flash

Batteries :
2 x AAA Alkaline Batteries

Attachment to Camera
: Bracket through the tri-pod screw

Measurement : 110(L) x 30(H) x 58(W) mm

Weight : 150g without batteries

Camera Brands : In Pre-Flash mode or All camera when using red-eye reduction.
Recommended (Must use Thyistor Flash)

Other camera makes with multi-flash system on main camera:

· Canon camera series

· Pentax camera series
· Nikon camera series

· Olympus camera series

** Cater especially for users that have old conversion Flash gun to convert them into digital flash. (Any flashes)

In normal slave mode, ll camera system that uses single flash system:

· Kodak camera series

· Kyocera camera series

· Fuji camera series

· Sony camera series

· Panasonic camera series

· Contax Camera

** Cater especially for users that has old conversion Flash gun to convert them into digital flash