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Halloa screen protector


Product CodeHAL336



Package Contents:
  1. Protective films 3pcs for Digital Camera & Digital Camcorder
  2. cleaning wipe 1pcs
  3. Squeegee card 1pcs
Digital Camera &Camcorder Screen Protector
Feature / Instruction:
  1. Apply to Mobile Phone, PDA、PSP、iPod、Camera and Video Camera
  2. High transparency, prevent from scratch, dust and fingerprint
  1. Wipe the screen with the cleaning wipes first, the bubble will be caused if any dust or fleck attached on the screen.
  2. Cutting the size that you want according to the die line printed on the back
  3. Tear the mask about 1/3 part first, then align and attach the screen protector to the screen step by step. ( Do not attach it at a time to prevent more bubble.)
  4. Remove the bubbles with the squeegee card.