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Product CodeDIGGJZNQ53

One Dimensional LED Spirit Level for Cameras Small and easy to carry and use Useful for landscapes and portrait shooting One Dimensional LED Spirit Level for Cameras Description: This is a digital spirit level that fits onto the hot shoe of your film or digital SLR camera. It uses a number of LED lights to confirm when your camera is perfectly straight. The LED brightness can be adjusted as can the sensitivity. It can be used in horizontal or vertical formats and as it is located just above eye level can be easily seen whilst looking through the viewfinder. It is powered by 2x CR1220 batteries and comes with 6 batteries in total. Features: Small and delicate—easy to carry and use Upgrades from the bubble spirit level, shortens the adjustment time Great for panoramic photography Particularly useful when mounting your camera on a tripod Adapt various environments Not only a spirit level, but also a hotshoe cover to protect hotshoe from scratches & moisture