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Camelion BC-0907


Product CodeCAMT39

 This is the New Replacement for F60 Charger



Chargers 1-4 AA/AAA Ni-MH/Ni-Cd batteries

Main Features

-4 Independent Charging Channels
-Easy To Read LCD Display (shows Charging Progress,Defective Battery, Battery Refresh Features)
-6 Level Charge Protectionn
-dv cut off
Timer Control Protection (1.5 Hours)
Over Temperature Protection(60��)
Reverse Polarity Protection
Over Current and Short Circuit Protection
Defective and Non-rechargeable battery detection

-Low Current Leakage Minimizes loss of capacity and maintains battery charge by controlling current leakage
-World Voltage Switch Adapter
-Trickle Charge To maintain battery charge
-0 Voltage JumpStartTM
-Pulse Charging Technology for fast, efficient charging
-Car Plug Adapter
-Battery Refresh reduces memory effect and enables full discharge for long battery life

AC To DC Adapter

Input Voltage AC 100 ~ 240V 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 12V DC
Car Plug
Output Voltage 12V DC
Charging Currents
12V DC Input
4x(1.4V 2200mA) AA Size
4x(1.4V 800mA) AAA Size

Charging Times

Type of battery
Charging Time (Appr.)
Ni-MH AA 2000mAh
Ni-MH AA 1500mAh
Ni-MH AAA 600mAh
Ni-Cd AA 1000mAh
Ni-Cd AA 800mAh
Ni-Cd AAA 300mAh

Color Available:
Grey White
�� About 0 Voltage JumpStart Discharged batteries normally have some residual voltage. Others have no voltage at all. Many chargers on the market today cannot recharge these dead batteries once they reach this 0 voltage condition. Using newly developed technology, select Camelion chargers can charge up these dead batteries, bringing them back to